Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quilts of Valor

Well, April starts Cary Quilters Quilts of Valor Project. We will be working on the project through April and May 2010. It is my personal goal to get as many great quality quilts out as I can so that as many soldiers as possible coming home injured can have something- anything to comfort them. It is the least, we at Cary Quilters, think we can do to say thank you for everything done for us.

This is Al Lind, a WWII vet who expressed what it would have meant to him to receive a handmade quilt. I think he is an inspiration.

I was talking to a friend today who son has served 2 tours of duty and going back again in a few months. She told two stories- one of how he was treated badly going through an airport on his travels. People going out of their way not to make eye contact or speak. Then the other story of a man who noticed that his young son stood in awe of this young man wearing a soldiers uniform. The father took time out of his busy day to take his son over and explain what this uniform meant and what it meant to wear one, in a time such as these, in a way that a little boy could understand. After they were done talking.. the little boy saluted the soldier and the soldier saluted back and both young men walked away a little taller and a little prouder that day! 

One thankful and one grateful- you figure out who was who :)

Bravo to the father that showed he was proud to be an American and who took time out to say thank you to a soldier!

We will be saying thank you in our way by making Quilts of Valor. Please visit their website for more information on how you or your group can help!

Quilts of Valor Home Page


Alycia said...

Suzanne - that is awesome! I love your goal and I wish you lots of good sewing!!

Suzanne said...

We are so excited about this and I can't wait to start working on it and posting pictures. I went o Jo's this weekend and got some fabric to go with what I have.. Thank you got the post! YOU'RE the first!! Whooo hoo!

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