Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birds of a Feather ~ Quilt back and front

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rainbow Single Shape Swap

Well... I have just about finished my second swap partners quilt. It is for the Rainbow Single Shape swap.

This is my very first try at prairie points and they turned out pretty good! I just have to put the backing on the quilt and maybe some embellishments and we are ready to ship these babies to their new home!!

Here is a peek at the front.

Everything went ok putting it together. The top was pretty easy going. I have enough pieces left over to do 2-3 more ~ So it looks like my husbands mom will get one and I will send one to my sister.
My prairie point corners were ok- considering.
I love this fabric I got. I bought it on Ebay about a year ago and just knew I was going to use it to do the rainbow theme. It has been sitting in a drawer since the day I got it. This was the right project for it.
This is the corner that just wouldn't line up. My measuring (cough cough "eyeballing" ) must have gone amiss somewhere.. I wonder how ;)

To finish the quilt nicely - I am going to cut the backing and then sew a seem around and heat and bond to the back. I will put a very thin batting between as I don't expect to quilt this much. We will see. The quilting always leaves me guessing on what to do that will add something to the quilt- not take away.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swap Update

Well, made some progress on my second swap partners mini yesterday. I am going to finish it- but honestly I am not feeling it. This single shape rainbow thing is harder than I planned.

I wanted to move away from traditional shapes ( stars, blocks and circles ) for the sake of easy and try to make something a little more interesting- but it seems so plain- or simple- which is the idea but it just is not looking as planned. I want to move out the box so bad.

I see a ton of flying geese coming our way with this swap- I think I will go look for some more inspiration and try again.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swap Update

For my partner jm1122 ( Jodie )

I am on pins and needles. I hope my partner is going to like this quilt! The binding went a little crazy- I have a bum finger right now and I am trying to work around that and things are a little more "simple" than I like where the binding is concerned- but that is how the ball bounces. Less pressure for you Jodie!! :)

Bum finger- was lifting weights with my husband and ended up with a hand pinched between the barbell and the cradle. OUCH!!!!!! It is going to be sore for a week or so but nothing was broke! Thank Goodness!

Quilt Angel Looking Over Me :)

Quilt Swap Stop !!

This July and August I will be working on my two Quilt Swaps that I signed up for!

I have two great partners!

jm1122 · from Flickr has made some awesome quilts. Here are a few thumbnails of her quilts and quilt-like projects:

I love birds.. birdhouses.. and picture quilts and this mini quilt is so darn cute! I love the colors and feeling of this mini.

Little dogs and hexagon! What a cute idea!

And again BIRDS :)) on a hanger! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Now don't get me wrong. I love birds but I love a LOT of other things. Like colors and unusual shapes. None squared quilts are a real blast! People who really think outside the box and I adore the traditional quilt designs.

PecksPieces · from Flickr has made some truly awe inspiring quilts. Here are a few thumbnails of her quilts:

I LOVE TEA AND TEAPOTS!! Toooo TOOOT! This is so gorgeous! The colors are just wonderful and the 3 dimensional aspect is wonderful!

There is fabric origami on this one- another favorite of mine! OUT OF THIS WORLD!

This has to be one of the most striking quilts I have seen- EVER. When I saw it, I was stopped in my tracks and just stared at it. I love painting and artwork and this is like a painting! It is breath-taking!
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