Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easy Stack and Slash for Project Linus

Stack and Slash Quilt

A fun, fast and easy way to make a Crazy Quilt

  1. For this quilt use 1/4 yd. of 18 different kids prints fabrics or 72 nine inch squares. In order to create a visually exciting quilt, use no more than four 9 inch squares of a particular fabric.
  2. 9 inch square Cut fabric into 9 inch squares. Large squares such as 12 inches or 16 inches could be used but you will be working with longer bias edges; therefore, 9 inch blocks seem to work better.
  3. Make eight stacks of nine different prints, stacking the squares neatly. Randomly slash through each stack.
    1st cut through 9 inch square
    1st Cut
    • 8 neat stacks -- each of 9 different fabrics
    • Using a sharp rotary cutter, cut through each stack.
    Note: It is easiest to work with one stack of 9 squares at time. Do steps 3, 4 and 5 for a one stack of squares, then go on to the next stack and repeat.
  4. You now have 2 piles of pieces from one stack of squares. On one pile, move the bottom piece of fabric to the top. Then match the top piece from each pile and sew together. Continue in this manner, making sure that you do not use the same fabric in any one set. If you intend to slash the stack more than twice, press the seams open to reduce the bulk when you quilt. If you are going to slash twice, the seams can be pressed to one side.
  5. Stack the squares again and slash in another direction. Sew in random pairs and press. If you prefer you can slash them a third time but then it is preferable to press the seams open as mentioned above. The more you slash the smaller your block becomes due to the additional seam allowances. Check to make sure the same fabric is not butting up against itself in the block. 2nd cut through the squares
  6. After the slashing and sewing is complete, square up the smallest block and measure it to determine the size the remaining blocks should be cut. Square up remaining blocks and sew together eight blocks across and nine blocks down.
  7. Select and add border and backing. Sandwich the fabrics, quilt the top, and bind. The result a crazy quilt with a minimum of effort. If each block has only been slashed twice, some fancy embroidery stitches over the seams add interest. Enjoy your quilt! 


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