Monday, May 31, 2010

Crazy Quilt

So I had my crazy quilt pieces all cut up for next months "anything goes" and wouldn't you know things got a little crazier- SOMEBODY came and shuffled my pieces around on the table and now they are a mess. I am gonna have to wait for my husband to come back into town so he can put it back together. The brain just doesn't work as good as it use

I think next time when I get the pieces all laid out- A) I will either finish it then or B) take a picture of the lay out.

Lesson learned.

Off to check on the pool!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wow.. it has been a while

Super super busy. Quilts of Valor- Mini Quilt Swaps- Quilt Group. Buzzz buzzz buzzing like a bee.

I miss blogging. I miss just setting my thoughts down.

I need to post some of my mini's that I have gotten and sent in the swap.

I think we are going to go on Summer Break for Quilt Group. People have so much on their plate for Summer time- it is hard to get together regular with such a small group. I am kinda bumming because we have really dropped in numbers. I don't know if it is something that I did or it is just that time of the year when people have other things to do?? It is just weird.

Anyhoo... if things don't pick up after Summer.. I am giving it up. I am not a wheel spinner and I can get on board with other things.

Got a puppy. That has been fun. She is UBER sweet. I guess I could post pictures of her

I hate not having my laptop.. it died.. I am on my husbands which doesn't have any pictures or things I need to share some stuff. Maybe the computer laptop fairy will come down from the clouds and leave on under my pillow... IT COULD

Till Later,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Well it is a fine Sunday in North Carolina

Hello again everyone.

I am going to be spending my Sunday trying to get organized for the many project that I have signed up for this month. I think I have 3 mini quilts that I have committed to. I am going to go and review all my emails to make sure. I am pretty sure I have 2 anything goes and one about the state I live in. I am very much looking forward to the one about my state. I love making themed quilts and I have a few ideas already for the NC quilt. We have so many great things to chose from that represent NC and I just need to get on with picking one.

I am still working on Quilts of Valor. However instead of giving them over to the QoV people - I think we are going to take them to some of the NC Military Hospitals and VA organizations. I just want to make sure that our local military are shown some love during these times.

Please be in prayer about my health. I have been very overwhelmed (I guess) cause my body has just totally turned against me the last few days and it is just getting worse and worse. I really didn't think I was stressed out more than usual, but my body always tells on me. So if you are a prayer person.. please pray for me.

Have a very happy Mothers Day!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moving From Meet-Up to Yahoo Groups

For any Cary Quilters that are not sure about what is going on... here is the new link to the group
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