Friday, May 21, 2010

Wow.. it has been a while

Super super busy. Quilts of Valor- Mini Quilt Swaps- Quilt Group. Buzzz buzzz buzzing like a bee.

I miss blogging. I miss just setting my thoughts down.

I need to post some of my mini's that I have gotten and sent in the swap.

I think we are going to go on Summer Break for Quilt Group. People have so much on their plate for Summer time- it is hard to get together regular with such a small group. I am kinda bumming because we have really dropped in numbers. I don't know if it is something that I did or it is just that time of the year when people have other things to do?? It is just weird.

Anyhoo... if things don't pick up after Summer.. I am giving it up. I am not a wheel spinner and I can get on board with other things.

Got a puppy. That has been fun. She is UBER sweet. I guess I could post pictures of her

I hate not having my laptop.. it died.. I am on my husbands which doesn't have any pictures or things I need to share some stuff. Maybe the computer laptop fairy will come down from the clouds and leave on under my pillow... IT COULD

Till Later,


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