Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Statesville for The Fiber Arts Extravaganza

Dear Friends!

Sitting here in Statesville in a great hotel room- So comfy and clean with a HUGE FLAT SCREEN Waiting for tomorrows show at the convention center. The weather is calling for about 6" of snow where we are. I checked the Raleigh weather and it doesn't seem to be calling for that much but about half. So at least on the way home we will be heading towards better weather.

I am so like a kid- I am so excited about the snow! More excited about that than the show. I plan on getting a rotary cutter sharpener. They had one in Sanford that is awesome and I can't wait. I will save so much money on rotary blades with this sharpener. It is gonna be thirty bucks but I think it would be worth it.

I don't plan on buying any fabric. I got what I needed in Sanford. I do plan on working on Brittany's wall hanging while I am here and I hope to have it done before we get home. I hope I brought enough batting. Then I brought some mini's to work on. Knowing me we likely won't sew a thing.

Debbie is ripping seams and we got the HGTV on.

Ok.. that is it for the "what are you doing today" Hope to take some good pictures tomorrow and I can post them here tomorrow.




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